Investment Management

Structured Products

An independent financial engineering team dedicated to advising institutional clients on tailor-made structured products, we offer innovative derivative and financial products that can meet the investment objectives and needs of our clients. The team covers all major asset classes, such as Equity, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Alternative Investments and Credit. The sophisticated nature of the use of derivatives in these instruments is tackled by the best of breed professionals that incorporates our team.

Our independence and structured products expertise enables us to deliver strong, value-added service to our clients. We focus on market opportunities, market timing and pricing optimization. Numa is able to expand our range of financial products as well as enhance the value of our investment advice and service to clients. Such products allow our clients to execute investment strategies that are not possible with conventional equities, bonds or futures. Clients will have access to more interesting investment and trading opportunities, and better manage the risk-returns of their investments.

We are committed in the structuring process to maximize the success of the products we engineer. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships; therefore, we align Numa’s interests with those of our clients.

Our structuring process can be divided in 3 stages: providing investment ideas and meeting investment guidelines; delivering best execution; and ensuring secondary market and monitoring.

First stage of the structuring process – Identifying the right investment vehicle for the right idea

Numa structured products strategies can result from:

  • A specific guideline submitted to us by our clients; we in turn offer an array of tailored solutions.
  • Market opportunities identified by Numa and for which we will present investment ideas.

Second stage of the structuring process – Delivering best execution

Our expertise and thorough knowledge of the derivatives market enable us to identify at any given time the best market counter parties for a specific type of structure. We implement a competitive bid to ensure that our clients benefit from an execution at the best price.

The trade is explained thoroughly in terms of risk and returns and executed either directly by our clients with their custodian banks or through a special purpose vehicle formed specifically for the transaction. We have established relationships with all major investment banks.

Third stage of the structuring process – Secondary Market and Monitoring

As part of our commitment to long-term relationships, we emphasize on secondary market service and all of our products will benefit from a day-to-day follow-up over their lifespan. We insist on the accuracy of secondary market prices and have set-up our systems accordingly.