Capital Markets

Risk Management

Numa offers a range of consulting services related to asset valuation, derivatives pricing, risk measurement and other quantitative finance needs of client organizations. In providing these services, Numa combines state of the art knowledge of quantitative finance research with practical experience in financial companies and other business organizations.

Numa believes the ability to develop new quantitative finance approaches through research as well as apply those approaches in practice is critical to innovation in risk management. Risk management is a rapidly developing discipline that depends profoundly on finance theory, so the most effective client strategies, solutions and financial decisions will be based on consulting advice and results from a firm capable of offering innovative ideas and techniques. As a leader in quantitative finance and risk management innovation, Numa can deliver the advice and results that assure clients are strong and competitive.

Delivering innovative results requires practical experience as well as knowledge. Numa’s team has extensive experience both as practitioners in the banking, securities and investment industries and as management consultants to these industries. The team also has experience at a senior executive level and as traders and investment bankers with major capital and derivative market participants as well as in more technical areas such as quantitative finance.

Our experience in developing solutions for our clients in order to measure and manage their market and credit, risk yields us a unique advantage in being able to advise clients on their risk management methodologies, their software needs, and their current analytics and technologies. Our experts are well versed in modeling, analyzing and communicating the effects of combined risks to portfolios or financial companies, aggregating these risks across multiple risk factors and to measure their combined effect on performance measures. We can also assist clients in measuring and understanding individual risk exposures.

Numa has provided high level strategic risk assessments for commodity producers, consumers, trading companies. We are able to advise management on company wide or business unit strategic planning as well as providing strategic and valuation advice on specific contracts or positions. If you need help to develop a hedging program we can help you deploy a program that is specifically tailored to your company, be it a commodity or a foreign exchange risk.

Numa can analyze and report on the ability of companies to identify, measure, and manage risks. We are able to provide an independent assessment of the risk management practices of the company or financial institution and verify that the company or financial institution has appropriate risk controls, and that it adheres to these controls and mitigates risk in compliance with approved risk policies and procedures.