Wealth Management


The key to our wealth management service is the talented professionals whose human capital is employed to grow and preserve the wealth of our clients under all market conditions. Numa applies a unique and modern approach to its wealth management activities focused on minimizing downside risk. We focus on wealth preservation through regret-minimization and loss-prevention strategies that allow our clients to balance their tendency toward regret with desire for gain. Our team of wealth management professionals possesses expertise in investment selection, investment management, derivative structures, alternative investments and family office services.

Our approach is different by intention, design, and practice. We work together with our clients to deliver a higher standard of service. We are forward-looking in our approach, innovative in our design and selection of investment opportunities, and fully engaged with our clients to understand and satisfy their wealth management goals. We use the most sophisticated products in the market to design portfolios which are non-traditional but we are dedicated educators to our clients so that they can sleep at night in the serenity which knowledge brings.

Choosing Numa to manage wealth brings you into a unique focus. Like the Numa family and other founding clients, you are connected to peers with whom you share common experiences and interests. As advisors to accounts maintained in the largest Private Banks in the world we see all the ideas coming from these organizations, and select and many times perfect them in order to offer them to our clients, irrespective of what institution they may hold their account.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our business.