Our Mission.


Numa Asset Management mission is about trust and performance. Trust means faith, confidence, reliance, conviction, certitude. Performance means to outperform, to excel, to be best of breed.

Trust and Conviction

In order to achieve the above stated mission our managers forge a broader relationship with our clients, they become their financial advisors free of conflict (no fees can be received from banks or have to be retroceded to client) in a relationship in which our managers truly listens to the client and seeks to understand their needs, their family needs. Traditional banking products that the client opted for in the past may no longer meet the needs of the client, especially in the all increasing complexities of financial products. Clients require an integral approach, one of which all of its banking and investment management services are working together to meet new goals. They need guidance, they need support, they need to be educated in order to correctly make a decision on the risk they are taking.

Our managers serve as trusted advisor in a professional and personal partnership with clients and their other advisors, such as accountants and attorneys. Our managers forges lasting relationships with his or her clients who are actively engaged in wealth creation and prerservation. Our managers are part of a team of professionals who are accessible and able to provide counsel throughout a client's lifetime. This dedication to providing personalized service and support is a commitment that a our managers fulfills on a daily basis.

Performance; Best of Breed

Performance and best of breed comes with technology, experience and break-through strategies not available to the average investor. Our staff have decades of experience in complex financial instruments. Not only does Numa Asset Management have the highest ratio of Managers to PHD's but has brought innovative strategies to satisfy with pinpoint precision the risk-return tolerances of our clients. Best of breed means flexibility, technology and the use of creative solutions, no more cookie cutter asset allocation processes.

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