Numa Asset Management Ltd.


Please find below the main executives of The Numa Group of Companies who manage all the activities of the Group.


Mr. Rafael Zamora León , Founder , CEO and Director of Numa Asset Management .

Mr. Zamora has over 36 years experience in the structuring of innovative solutions through derivatives and financial products since joining Bankers Trust in NewYork in 1990. Currently head of development of wealth management and asset management for Latin America, General Manager of the subsidiary Numa Peru SAC, with more than US$500 million of asset under management and advisory assets in excess of 750 milion. Manager of the Defender Strategies (options) for all managed accounts in the Numa Consortium, currently in excess of USD 600 million. Execution of various financial consulting engagements in derivative valuations, financial restructuring and asset management. His previous jobs include, Senior Vice President at Banco de Credito del Peru, Private Banking Division; Atlantic Security Bank, Senior Vice President, Head of Asset Management Division; Van Eck Global, Managing Director , Latin American Business Developement ; Bankers Trust, Vice President.

Mr. Zamora currently is also a Professor in post graduate degree in the Master of Finance and MBA program of Universidad del Pacifico in the following courses: Portfolio Theory and Investments; Derivatives; and Corporate Finance. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a bach. in Engineering from Monterrey Tech, Mexico.

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Mr. Juan Carlos Franco, VP Marketing and Sales Executive, CEO of Numa Chile.

Mr Franco has 12 years experience working in private banking working for main street banks in Wall Street. He has extensive experience in wealth management having acquired significant expertise in Merrill Lynch where he was a member of a Team for high net worth individuals (more than 100M per family). Mr. Franco graduate as Industrial Engineering and from an MBA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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Dr. Bruno E. Olcese, Chairman

Bruno Olcese is the founder and managing partner of Estudio Olcese & Asociados, a Peruvian attorney’s firm with extensive experience in corporate and civil law. Mr. Olcese has a particular expertise in structuring trusts, incorporating foundations and building different legal vehicles for the handling of family assets, acting also as legal advisor for many Peruvian and foreign firms, as well as individuals. Parallel to his legal practice, he sits on the board of Mi Casita Hipotecaria S.A. (a mortgage financing firm), Proyectos Médicos S.A. (Clínica Montesur-a Maternity Clinic) and Playa Paz Soldán S.A. (a Real Estate company) and acts as CEO of MPM Inversiones S.A.C. (an Investment Holding Company). Before opening his own Law Firm, Bruno was in charge for almost 12 years as head of corporate law in Estudio Cardenas, Olcese and Guzmán Barrón Abogados and Sparrow, Hundskopf, Mercado & Olcese Abogados. Also, for the past ten years he has been an acting member of the National Dispute Resolution Chamber and other legal committees of the Peruvian Soccer Federation. Mr. Olcese holds a bachelor´s degree in law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú



Mr. Jesús Zamora, Director

Mr. Zamora is founder and Chairman of Enfoca Asesoria and of Enfoca Inversiones, a private equity firm with more than 800 million of raised capital. He has participated in transactions related to investments promotion for more than US $ 1,500 million; acquisitions and sales of corporations and assets for US$ 1 000 million and corporate debt restructurings for US$ 1 200 million for companies in the textile, real estate, mining, fishing and others. Currently Mr. Zamora holds important positions in some Peruvian leading companies such as: President of Corporación Miski SA, Member of the Board of Pesquera Diamante SA, Maestro Peru SA, Tiendas EFE SA, Cerámica Lima SA, Corporación Cerámica SA, Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios SA and Oncosalud SA. In the past, he has held some other important positions such as: President of the Board of Sedapal, Manager of Corporate and Investment Banking at Banco de Crédito del Peru, responsible of CEPRI for energy and cement related companies, Vice President for Bea Associates, developing “private equity” for emerging markets and Vice President at Salomon Brothers in the Latin America Corporate Finance area. Mr. Zamora is also related to sustainable development and cultural initiatives through Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ProNaturaleza), Ashoka Perú, and Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI). Mr. Zamora holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and obtained the Gabino Barreda Medal.


Mr. Rafael Zamora, Director

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