Investment Management

Hedge Funds

Our approach to investing in hedge funds incorporates comprehensive procedures, controls, policies and infrastructure generally found at regulated financial institutions, but not typical of the hedge fund industry. Our team analyses exceptionally talented pool of managers from our database of over 6,000 hedge funds, which are screened to about 150 based on due diligence and available portfolio transparency. Numa subjects each manager to robust, in-house risk control and analysis.

We select hedge fund strategies that range from unleveraged equity long/short to broadly diversified portfolios actively trading a host of different strategies including convertible arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, risk arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, equity long/short, fixed income and special situations.

Our main focused since the 2008 hedge fund crisis has been to exclusively replicate many of these strategies in managed accounts in our clients named accounts which eliminate many of the risk inherent in delivering funds to third parties while delivering increased transparency, portfolio optimization, liquidity and risk management controls.