Brief Company Overview

Numa Asset Management and Subsidiaries

Numa Asset Management (BVI) and its subsidiaries are dedicated to serving the needs of our latin american clients. These companies advise and manage hundreads of millions of US dollars for a selected number of high net worth families in Mexico, Peru and Chile. Our managed accounts are custodied in renowed banks such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Private Bank, Merrill Lynch, Santander Bank (Suisse), and Scotia Bank. Its duties involve risk analysis and portfolio recommendations for institutional clients as well as families. Its employees have an extensive past in investment management, portfolio management and elaboration of mathematics models for the optimization of portfolios as well as designing portfolios against market downturns. Numa has developed asset allocation models towards “Downside Beta and Cosemivariance.

When necessary, usually required by institutional clientts, Numa maintains legal vehicles used by the group companies for the management of funds in Cayman Islands regulated by the Monetary Authority. Although the management of the fund is trusted to Numa, the administration services are taken care by CIBC Bank and Trust and the auditors are KPMG. The vehicle registered in Cayman is Numa SPC.

Numa's relinquished its relationship with Sigma Analysis and Management in July of 2011 under very good terms due its divergence of business goals. In the past this Toronto based firm which developed models oriented to “Distressed Var” and was used to optimize one of our funds, the Numa Protector Fund. a portfolio of hedge funds invested by the Pension Fund System in Peru. Sigma is represented by Luis Seco, post-graduate professor in Finance Mathematics in the University of Toronto and Director of Risk-Lab (Toronto).