Wealth Management

Investment Advisory

Numa offers each client investment advice tailored to that client's particular requirements and ambitions. We have a unique way of analyzing and addressing a particular client's attitudes toward risk. We use our proprietary analytical technology to match our services to each investor's specific goals and aspirations. Our attention to each investor's total liquid and illiquid wealth enables us better to construct portfolios and strategies to satisfy investor goals.

We have a unique and proprietary quantitive process to address each investor's specific attitude toward downside risk and return opportunity. We have an “open architecture” and have no conflict of interest for choosing the best talent within and outside our clients' Private banks to manage their wealth. We have built our wealth management business on an investment platform that identifies top performers in each asset class, organizations or individuals who consistently achieve outstanding performance compared with passive investment strategies and other active managers. We strive for absolute returns and seek out managers that achieve this irrespective of market conditions.

A four-stage process guides and measures our investment advice:

  • Personalized Risk Assessment
  • Custom Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Selection
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting

Risk Assessment

Risk attitudes differ across investors. Numa employs new learning from the intersection of finance, economics, psychology and cognitive science to help investors understand their goals and to help us address those goals successfully. We use sophisticate start of the art quantitative tools with clients to develop an initial asset allocation and we then perform periodic risk assessments using these tools to monitor whether changes in a client's risk preferences warrant reallocation of the client's portfolio.

Portfolio Construction

Numa designs a customized portfolio to address each client's goals and aspirations, whether the client is an individual or family. Portfolio design is guided by the client's attitude toward risk.

We also take into account the client's illiquid wealth so that clients can construct an investment portfolio of liquid wealth that achieves better results by internalizing correlations among liquid and illiquid assets.

The result is a custom asset allocation that is responsive to the client's specific requirements and goals.

Asset Selection

Numas' research shows that many –perhaps most– investment markets are efficient, so that attempts to consistently outperform broad market indexes are often uneconomical and futile. Although opportunities for enhanced returns exist, only the most talented investment managers can recognize such opportunities.

We use passive investment strategies and believe we can identify unique talent in less aggressive hedge fund strategies that offers investment advantages to the client.

Our open asset selection platform combines passive or lightly managed investments within each category with actively managed hedge fund strategies when those strategies are expected to reduce variance and enhance expected return. We offer our clients actively managed strategies developed internally but, more frequently, supplied by hedge fund managers that are carefully selected and monitored.

Portfolio Monitoring

Numas' clients receive thorough and timely reporting regarding management and performance of their wealth. We stress test each client's portfolio and offer comprehensive and sound risk management tools, including state-of-the-art scenario planning and shock testing.